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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  February 19, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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for a very scenic view of mount diablo from our news chopper 2. good evening i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm frank somerville. after six weeks of no rain, we finally got some rain tonight. ken pritchett is in the sierra where it's been raining all day. but we begin with cara liu where they also got some snow today. >> reporter: we got quite a bit of snow. we saw dozen of people wrapped up in their coats. look at how much snow has accumulated. a bit earlier tonight it was coming down heavily. >> reporter: you don't see this too often here in the bay area. no at mount diablo so much in fact, that at one point in the afternoon visibility dropped substantially. >> the road was shut down starting at the junction
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ranger station. >> it has icy conditions and snowy conditions and this is the safest shot -- spot that we can park people. >> reporter: dozens chose to hike up to see the snow. we found this man from concord towing a snow man. other parts of the east bay saw a lot of rain. the weather sent folks in lafayette scrambling, some were more prepared than others. >> i don't usually carry an umbrella but today i did and i'm very glad that i did. >> i love it. it's great we needed it. yeah, it's cold, it's wet. i'm going to go home and snuggle up with my dog right now. so that's -- yeah i love it. >> reporter: the rain also created hazardous driving conditions. caltrans workers targeted flooding on 980 in oakland. during the morning commute, slick rain was responsible for this crash. a driver suffered minor
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injuries after losing control. back here at mount diablo. here is a look from juniper. it is still beautiful once the sun has come out and you can see all the snow on the ground and the trees. you don't get days like these so often. cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. and that illustrates what a cold storm this was. it seemed like it rained a lot today didn't it. it's because it rained in a small amount of time. most of us around .25 but it was a cold weather system that blew through here. what you're looking at here is that cold air that's sweeping in over the top of us. there's still a chance for snow flurries. snow levels reports down to some areas below 1,000 feet. so it was really cold. right now san jose you have some heavier rain down by blossom hill road. this is significant rainfall
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headed to the east capital expressway. some heavy rain, let's come in a little bit closer here. over by san felipe road you have heavier rain. these reds and yellows that's coming down pretty hard. santa rosa drive in this area, most of this action is starting to move off but you can see near brenam rain it's pretty big. this is a hot spot in the area because most of the rain has moved off. you can see a few light showers as well. when i come back we're going to be tracking more showers tonight. then we're going to track this very, very cold air. what does that mean for tomorrow morning's overnight lows? you're going to find out i'll have the details. snow has returned to the sierras and it's been a rough day on the roads. ken pritchett is live with the problems you found on your way up there. >> reporter: that's right, i put a shovel on the pavement about a half hour ago. really not much snow since then. i will try to do this with a
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mic. that's about 6-inches of snow we've received all day. this is headed westbound. we've seen some traffic moving by within the past half hour. it's been difficult driving. our goal we didn't achieve it was to drive to the summit today. >> reporter: there was a light rain for the first part of our drive but that turned to snow at a low altitude of 2,000 feet. by 10:00 a.m. the chain controls were up. that's when the snow really started to pick up and the chain installers started making money. but it was once past the caltrans checkpoint that the problems began. >> reporter: you can see this semi truck right in front of us is having difficult even with chains on navigating this turn. we're stuck in this location where he's looking to get traction, and it looks like
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he's finally down. we saw cars on the side of the road, one who failed to chain up. a crashed suv getting help from a tow. the interstate was shut down for a time with very few customers at the nayak gas station where we found ken gordon. >> went down 20, got stuck on 20. decided to go on 80, got stuck on 80. so we're giving it up and going home. >> reporter: right now you are looking at traffic moving westbound on interstate 80. we showed you the nayak gas station that's about a mile east of us. that's as high as we could make it this afternoon. the snow was coming down too heavy. right now conditions are much improved. chain controls however are in effect from gold run all the way up and over the summit over the truckee. at blue canyon, ken pritchett, ktvu news. we have more storm coverage to come. bill martin will have his complete forecast in 10 minutes. at 5:30 we head to the south
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bay. neighbors are comparing their storm damage to a tornado blowing through. the million dollars home is on alameda diablo in the town of diablo. the tree caused so much damage that home is now red tagged. crews were scheduled to bring in a crane today for that tree removal. tarps were kept on the roof to keep the rain from soaking the inside of the home and wrecking all the contents. the homeowner says the tree fell because the roots were diseased. google has reached a height never achieved. it stock heights hit and then closed above the $8 mark today. google closed at $806.85 this comes eight years after google stock topped $7 a share. analysts are crediting larry page under his two year leadership google continued to push into ambitious new areas
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that are growing more opportunities to sell advertising. and google's android software now powers more than 600 million smart phones and tablet computers. on wall street it was an update for all the mayor indexes. the the áf dow was up 53 points, the nasdaq was up 21. and the s & p was up 11. word that office depot may merge with its smaller rival officemax drove the markets up. today president obama ramped up pressure on congress. surrounded by first responders, the president said that slashing funding would hurt the economy. >> this is not an abstraction. there's people who's livelihoods are at stake. their communities are going to be impacted in a negative way. >> the cuts which would trim $3.5 million over a decade are set to kick in next friday.
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senate leaders have proposed replacing the cuts with tax from millionaires but republicans reject any tax increase as a solution. meanwhile according to our exclusive field poll the amount of registered california voters who disagree of the job congress is doing is slowly decreasing. 65% of voters say they disapprove and while they may soofia aleem -- may seem high it's actually the first time that number is over 60%. in it stark contrast here, president obama's job approval rating in california is the highest it's been since his first year in office. 62% of voters approve of the job he's doing. 5% say they had no opinion. the hayward city count cy is expected to call for a moratorium tonight on internet cafes that provide a form of illegal gambling. they learned about three cafes
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that offered internet games. at least one of the cafes is now closed. the council is pushing for a 45 day moratorium while it decides on a plan that could mean an extended moratorium or change in zones. we're just hours from the decision on whether medical marijuana will be allowed in san francisco. supporters of the ban say it would eliminate any potential conflict with federal law. lawyers for a man convicted of killing shandra leavy say they plan to file a motion for a new trial. the attorneys for guandique were included in a case that was unsealed just today. leavy was an intern. her murder attracted attention
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because of a romantic the relationship with california congressman. a communication outage with the international space station caused some angst against nasa controllers. the problem happened when mission control switched to a secondary computer. the system was not configured properly for the switch and communication went down for three hours. the six crew members had no problems during the outage. late this afternoon, cal basketball coach mike montgomery talked about that incident where he shoved his star player over the weekend. sal sasaki is live with what both the coach and player said today. and whether coach montgomery is going to be suspended, john. >> reporter: frank it was the shove seen around the sports world and here on the cal campus just 90 minutes ago. coach montgomery the cal head coach spoke out about that
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mistake he admits he made. >> it's obvious i made a mistake and i feel very bad about it. >> reporter: words that you don't hear from college coaches very often. but in this case, the coach was bound to say something. during a time out in sunday's game against ufc. montgomery shoved alan crab. >> i got a little carried away in the heat of an emotion of a basketball game. i apologized to allen, i apologized to the team. >> reporter: montgomery was reprimanded and some critics are calling for him to be suspended at least for one game. >> it's about respects and that starts from the top down. >> reporter: hairy edwards doesn't call for a suspension. >> that it's like any other aggressive action, push comes to shove, shove comes to a punch and a punch comes to something more grievous. at the end of the day it's a
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road you don't want to go down. >> reporter: crab who ended helping cal over the bears talked about after the game and said his coach should not be suspended. >> people may see it as a bad thing. he just tried to fire me up. that's all i'm saying. >> reporter: school officials confirmed that the coach was involved in another similar incident in a previous game with another player. i spoke to the school spokesperson and they said there will be no suspension and that the coach has learned his lesson. a calpers committee approve ed to sell stocks in smith and wesson and ruger. the action is largely symbolic following the december massacre at an elementary school in
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connecticut and will not have any effect on calpers $254 million port foal yo. orange county investigators have identified a young man who wept on a shooting rampage. 20-year-old ali sayed killed three people and wounded three others before killing himself. he lived at the resident where the first victim was killed. the sheriff deputies responded to a 911 call and found a woman shot multiple times. two more people were shot within the next hour. saed then shot himself at an intersection. he may have used several weapons. >> in addition a shotgun was recovered. when the suspect apparently shot himself. there may be other weapons involved. it's still an ongoing active investigation. >> sayed reportedly also opened fire at vehicles on a freeway
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but no one was hurt. >> baseball and beer, the san francisco giants have big plans and they don't all involve winning the world series. >> and here's a live look at storm tracker 2 in 7 minutes, bill will tell us what he's tracking and if we're going to get any more rain. you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling.
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the san francisco giants today announced a new anchor tenant. rob roth live there now with the concern you found that some near by residents had about this project, rob. >> reporter: the giant's may have built at&t park but now here behind mccovey cove they hope to transform what is now parking lot a into a new business entertainment and residential development called mission rock. today's if anchor brewing company announced it wants to expand their operation here to pier 48. >> tkpw-ts him looking.
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>> reporter: the giants are planning for more than world championships. the ownership is proposing a $1.6 billion development called mission rock. and today announced its first tenant. franked by mayor ed lee and bayer, the anchor brewing company celebrated their plan for an expansion. anchor says it will be able to quadruple it's production and put in a brewery and pub. >> a location here at pier 48 is perfect for that. >> it's a reuse of an existing pier. there's no structural things they have to do about it. i think this will get through very, very easily. >> reporter: the giant's mission rock development spreads over 47 acres across what is now parking lot a. it calls for a 1,500 apartment
5:18 pm
building. >> we think it'll be something like new york, the soho neighborhood. >> reporter: many in the city say this is one of the last places right for development in san francisco and the project is expected to create some 7,000 jobs. but some near by residents are concerned about plans for twin 383 floor tower apartment buildings. >> we don't want to see the waterfront to be ringed with tall buildings. >> reporter: if the project passes all its environmental reviews, construction could start in 2016. real estate search sights zillow is opening its first office in san francisco. it's set to open on bush street. it'll be about 20 employees all together. the new location will also house some corporate services, engineering and sales teams and operations for zillow rentals. seattle based zillow has
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offices in lincoln nebraska and new york. microsoft is set to spend $30 million on what could be the biggest marketing campaign in the history of e-mail. the barrage began today when microsoft outlook escalated an assault on google. outlook will be featured on television, radio station and billboards. microsoft expects to spend some where between 30 and 90 $90 million on the campaign which will last three months. traffic is on a rise which will put an end to a decline. today they said it estimates there was 36,200 motor vehicle deaths. this was the first increase we've seen since 2004 to 2005. more driving due to an improved economy and a mild winter may help explain some of the
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increases. a homeless man who was hit by a car has died. 52-year-old mitchell mascaro was struck and killed while jaywalking. police say the driver was not believed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. an oakland youth center set the stage for a bay area man suffering from leukemia. today youth uprising an okay land based youth leadership development center joined in effort by holding a series of bone marrow drives. the series is trying to add more black bone marrow donors. signing up requires just a quick swab of the cheek. you may remember back in the summer of 2000 when energy
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prices just skyrocketed. more than a dozen electricity wholesalers were guilty of manipulating the market. if the commission adopts that decision, customers could see refunds. well finally we got some rain even a little snow here in the bay area. as you called it in and out. >> and that's sort of the downsize to this thing. normally we get a storm this size and we get the big rainfall accumulation and that's not the case. there is some stuff behind this one but it doesn't appear that we're going to see a lot of rain from any of these weaker systems. as we go back to live storm tracker 2. first of all you see the showers that's green. this area right here, you see that. that system is going to work to the heart of the system as it works its way down the coast. it's going to bring us stronger dynamics which means a chance for thunderstorms as we go into the 8:00 9:00 hour. you see a few showers over in
5:22 pm
this area. pretty light over into 280. and out toward san jose the showers have moved a little bit south of town as we come out a little bit more you can see the wide spectrum of the rain showers. that will come back into the san jose area. you will see the showers that were in san jose have migrated into santa teresa boulevard. as we go out this way, you see these showers headed into morgan hill. in the next five to 10 minutes morgan hill you're going to be wet and in the heart of all this rainfall by sicamore avenue you have some light rainfalling. it's not widespread. it's mainly in the south bay but that's kind of how it's going to go the rest of the next few hours. the damage is done. the roads are wet. the commute this morning was pretty messy. you probably saw sal and steve talking about it. the roads are wet and that always slows us down. computer model at 5:00. this system is the one we were tracking. see the yellows out here.
5:23 pm
this is the shot for thunderstorms. this is at 7:00 tonight and it's going to work its way right down the coast. it doesn't go this way. if it went this way, you would say good shot of thunderstorms and more heavy rain. it's kind of working its way right down the coast. you can see, the model keeps it offshore. that's at 9:00 tonight. and then it goes right by us. then you're into tomorrow morning and things clear out quite rapidly. the forecast for tomorrow you wake up very cold. overnight lows are going to be chilly. 39 in santa rosa. 30 in napa. you might see patchy ground fog. as the kids go to school tomorrow morning. ground is going to be wet. maybe some patchy fog but you will notice frosty cool, cool conditions. when i come back, more showers in the forecast. five day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. a lot going on this weekend. how will the weather play out. i'll have all that. >> thank you, bill. was it accidental or intentional. oscar pistorius the reason he said he shot and killed his
5:24 pm
girlfriend and why he said he shouldn't be tried on murder charges. along for the ride. the unique opportunity for the public to experience what a bay area fire department goes through every day. an underaged girl allegedly recruited to solicit sex. >> this is modern day slavery. >> talk about a turn around. the bay area zip codes you may not expect are a red hot housing market. >> police need help finding the killer of a man very loved in the community.
5:25 pm
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in a south african courtroom today oscar pistorius gave a detailed account of his girlfriend's death. the double amputee track star
5:27 pm
talked about the fear he felt without his legs. and the horror of shooting his girlfriend thinking she was a burglar. steam camp was laid to rest today this is video of her coffin arriving at a crematorium ahead of a private funeral. some are angry that pistorius be punished. she was shot and killed on valentine's day. pistorius bail hearing is set to resume tomorrow. the palo alto police department took hundreds of people on a virtual ride along with firefighters. every move at station one in downtown palo alto is documented on twitter until 6:00 p.m. firefighters are seen checking equipment they even got to go along as they went on a medical
5:28 pm
emergency. >> when there is an emergency, an earthquake, flooding that we had just recently in november that we can directly communicate with community members and let them know what to expect. >> the fire department had more than 500 followers on twitter last friday you will remember palo alto police also did a virtual ride along. apple released notes. the patch fixes an exchange calendar bug that drains battery life. although apple made no mention of a security hole, there's been reports that the update fixing that problem as well. a spokesperson for chrysler which own it is jeep brand announced the tweets were incorrect. this hacking comes a day after
5:29 pm
a similar incident where a burger king twitter account was hacked. we'll show you why even if people said let it snow it turned out to be just the start. >> laser beams and eye injuries, the vacation accident that damaged a bay area man's eyesight.
5:30 pm
5:31 pm
hail, rain and snow in the south bay. winter weather makes its return just days after we were in shorts and t-shirts. as we continue our storm coverage. those 70s we saw the last week are a distant memory especially down in the south bay. it's a lot drier now than it was just a couple of hours ago,
5:32 pm
robert. >> reporter: it is, but driving around the south bay and throughout silican valley we saw all different types of weather today and right now even people who enjoy this sudden shift into the winter are enjoying a lull from a day who saw rain, hail and snow. >> reporter: it is the type of winter season picture the south bay hasn't seen much of this winter. thick snow capping mount hamilton in santa clara county above san jose and this wasn't just a dusting it was a nice flurry of white stuff that filled the air and stuck to the ground. enough so that officials closed off mount hamilton to visitors. the cold weather was a mixed blessing. >> i love the winter weather. i'm a snow boarder, i live for the snow. but working in it is terrible. it doesn't make anything easy at all. >> reporter: he showed us what he meant. he had to pry his delivery boxes apart. >> it's freezing everything together. i was getting hailed on a couple of minutes ago.
5:33 pm
>> reporter: the rain was more steady and even heavy at times especially in san jose as well as communities in and around the santa cruz mountains. for most people we talked to they enjoyed a true winter like day. >> we need the rain which is great. the cold we've had enough cold. >> i like that it sort of got the winter feel finally. we haven't really had this at all this year. but it was, i mean i like the winter so that's good. i don't like the slick roads. >> reporter: well that was a big draw back to the winter weather today. we saw numerous traffic accidents especially on highway 17 which a california traffic officer confirmed was weather related problems. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. the storm also brought an unusually strong wind event to the east bay and tore apart one woman's entire back patio. it happened this morning in san
5:34 pm
lorenzo not far from the bay fare bart station. the debris was scattered across the neighborhood with the awning landing across the street and big pieces of wood ended up as far as five homes away. the homeowner says she looked out her window just minutes before it all happened. >> all of a sudden, it got real black, the sky got real black and boom, my patio was gone. >> reporter: just like that. >> just like that. >> reporter: people around the neighborhood were helping to collect the debris. ktvu spoke to the police and fire department to say there were no other reports of damage in the area. the leader of the u.s. armed forces is officially calling it quits. marine general john allen met with president obama to hand over his resignation today.
5:35 pm
today a federal appeals court said that prisoner that are part of the pagan religion can use a chaplain. catholics, muslims, jewish, profession -- protestants -- have chaplains. u.s. security firm claims that it traced massive number of hacking attacks. hackers in that building have stolen hundreds of information from american corporations, organizations and government agencies.
5:36 pm
chinese leaders are denying the allegations. they say that china is also a victim of cyber attacks that have originated in the united states. we all know the dangers of lasers pointed at pilots but did you also know that pointing a laser on people on the ground can be very dangerous and cause serious damage. that's happening more than you might think. david stevenson reports. >> reporter: thompson spends long hours in front of a monitor designing computer graphics. thompson and other passengers boarded a smaller sailboat for a sunset cruise. he says someone in an apartment building .25-mile away began hitting the boat with a laser. >> i felt like a sering --
5:37 pm
searing like you get burned really quickly. >> it apparently is permanent. it cannot heal itself. >> reporter: while a typical laser pointer is only about .001 as powerful. because the laser light is so concentrated. it's effects on the eye is 10,000 times more powerful than the bulb. increased incidents in which lasers are pointed at aircrafts temporarily blinding the pilots. it's a felony with fines of $100,000 per incident. the limit is set at five millowats. though more powerful ones are found. we spoke to a bay area seller who said its up to the customer to act responsibly. >> what do you tell customers before you sell them a laser. >> i tell them every time they bought a laser they have to make sure they cannot point at
5:38 pm
any airplane because it's a federal offense. >> this is the type of laser pointer that's many times used at parties and can spray people's eyes. >> reporter: san leandro dr. benite sees people with injuries once a month. green laser beams may be more hazardous than red because the eye is more sensitive to the color green. but dr. batra says both are dangerous. >> it really depends on the power and the intensity and the spot size and so, red or green they can both cause equal damage. chris thompson now uses a magnifying glass and a bigger keyboard to do his job. >> there's no treatment, there's no operation and there's no therapy. so it's just something i will live with. >> reporter: in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. a viewer sent us a tip on this story, if you have an idea for a ktvu special report e-
5:39 pm
mail us. send your tip to ireports @ los angeles police say they provided an update to christopher dorner. plus the fear a couple felt that was named on his manifesto. the fiery response today to the postal service plans to attend a lavish conference next month in san francisco. [ crickets chirping ]
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[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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a lot of questions remain unanswered in a case of the now deceased former los angeles police officer accused of a killing spree. police chief charlie beck today talked about the progress of the investigation. he says a review of exofficer christopher dorner's firing is now under way. dorner claimed to be the victim of a scandal. >> now, i do not believe that is justified. >> dorner died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound after four killings that authorities say dorner is responsible for. a couple who both worked for the los angeles police
5:43 pm
department are talking about being targeted by that former officer. >> when you get a phone call and they tell you that somebody is after your family, and within a very short distance of your home they've already killed somebody elses daughter, it made me sick to my stomach. >> reporter: the two are one of the family's christopher dorner targeted during his killing rampage. they were forced to hide in their home until the rampage ended. a monorail accident left some people stranded. a wheel came off a disneyland train. there was also a little bit of smoke. passengers were stuck for 55 minutes. no one was hurt. park officials closed the monorail ride for about two hours until the system was back to normal. a golf tournament and that's not all. the backlash today over the extravagant convention the
5:44 pm
postal service is planning to sent 100 employees to next month in san francisco. scenes of a wild kingdom where you would least expect it. why these two big cats are facing off in the front yard. >> and a winter weather advisory has been dry but not before snow fell in mount diablo. we got up to 3-inches in some of the big peaks in the sierra. there's more snow flurries in the forecast. i'll have all those details back here in just 10 minutes. >> an underaged girl recruited for sex. we're learning how an observant hotel employee helped crack down the case. and police are asking your help to finding the american who killed a young man loved by his community.
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
5:47 pm
fall out tonight in washington after an exclusive ktvu investigation of the postal service. when we reported that the institution plans to spend $2 million for its executives to attend a san francisco conference. now a member of congress is demanding a response from the postmaster general. >> reporter: they scheduled a golf outing at san francisco's harding golf course. there's even a dance party listed, among those attending postmaster donahugh. postal employees responded saying, we could write a book about wasteful spending at the department. his colleague westmoreland said i find it very disturbing to
5:48 pm
see them spending large expenses on a trip. but the postal service is keeping back at the critics saying it earns more than it spends. at a similar event at an orlando resort last year the agency said it earned $73,000 for every dollar it spent. one of the customers after the san francisco conference says face to face meeting are vital. >> the postal service like everything else is a changing industry. it's not just mail anymore. it's all the new thing that is the postal center is introducing that people can learn about there. >> reporter: people who go golfing will have to pay their own way for the golf. a republican congressman sending this letter to the postmaster general demanding a
5:49 pm
detailed account of every expense. today a federal judge approved transocean $1 million settlement for his role in that massive 2010 oil spill in mexico. the company pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge and will pay an additional $4 million in penalties. transocean owned the jigging rig which exploded and sank in april of 2010. the accident killed 11 british petroleum workers. one of the biggest diamond heists in history has delivered a major blow to a city in belgium that prides itself on its diamond industry and its security. but 2,000 security cameras thieves knew they couldn't make their move within city limits so armed with machine guns they ambushed a swiss plane at the airport and quickly off loaded $50 million worth of diamond in
5:50 pm
a get away van. they didn't fire any shots, no one was hurt. those diamonds were on their way to switzerland. boy, talk about a major cat fight. imagine hearing and seeing this in your front yard. it is an all out growling match and stare down between two bob cats in one texas neighborhood. the two went at it for almost two minutes. then one just kind of gives up and walks away. this neighborhood has been warned that it is the mating season in that neighborhood. everyone is being told to keep their children and pets indoors. the dewe have is how do you get that close to video tape such a loud encounter. >> looks like the guy was in his car. i guess whoever it was felt protected. let's talk about our weather now. bill tracking a few showers here and there.
5:51 pm
>> we're tracking a few showers near mount diablo. mount diablo goes up to 3,895 feet. it's not as tall as hamilton but you can see. the snow level was supposed to be above 5,000 feet. but i have to tell you when i look at these pictures the snow level looks like it might have been above 5,000 feet. especially on that north side. impressive shot of mount diablo. might have seen some snow on the backside of the pias. it doesn't show up but i think the backside may have gotten some rain. rain showers in the bay area, it seemed impressive but everybody said it rained more than you thought. no it just seemed like a lot because it got funneled into the 9:00 to 11:00 hour. it came down fast and hard but then it stopped. that's impressive when you get that in an hour or two. but if it ran like that all day
5:52 pm
we would have some impressive numberless. 48 in san rafael. live storm tracker 2 picking up showers by pescadero. live radar sweeps picking up rain showers in gilroy. just winding down now. you see most of the showers moving south. gilroy you will get some showers. as we open it up again, you can see that it's basically drying out from the north to the south. current temperature 47 in santa rosa it's 46 in concord. it's going to be chilly tonight. when you're in the mid-40s now you know it's going to be cold. computer model does this. there's morning fog, valley fog. i think we will see patchy fog around here. no rain. tomorrow afternoon there you go nice looking day just chilly. then you get into thursday, or thursday morning. more patchy valley fog. then you get breaks. there's no rain coming our way. something breaks down that could bring sprinkles on saturday and sunday. right now looks like not a big deal. snow in the bay area peaks. rain in the area, although
5:53 pm
there'll be some rain and showers. so i'll see you back here at 6:00. latest computer model and we'll do the forecast lows for you. >> we're happy to see it. thank you bill. how the giant's buster posey boy he has hit it big during this offseason. plus-- >> some super aviation enthusiasts are cloning one of the greatest aircraft in the history of aviation right here in the north bay. still ahead. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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only on 2 tonight, charles lindburg revolutionized world aviation when he flew so low across the atlantic 86 years ago. in a story you will see only on 2, tom vacar joins us live from novato's knot hill. >> reporter: this long delayed historical project is finally picking up support, steam, and hopefully some donations. this is part of a full size original technology clone of the spirit of st. louis under construction in two hangers at novato's knot hill. they need to retrace lindburg's
5:57 pm
path. they see this effort as a way to under score lindburg's influence on the future. >> it was just the birth of commercial aviation. it show had the a small aircraft could operate on a small craft. >> reporter: this one is being literally being built by hand. >> literally this is an old aircraft. so we're using vintage materials. >> reporter: they're listing financial support to speed up the process. the long time resident has already cloned a twin engine biplane he helped fly from london to south africa and london to australia. >> we actually constructed that in a year and a half. what we had a substantial amount of hundred dollar --
5:58 pm
funding for the aircraft. there were two other airplanes at roosevelt field but he departed sooner and he made it. to fly that distance over that treacherous north atlantic. it was the equivalent of landing on the moon. >> reporter: a lot more on this as work progresses. tom vacar, ktvu news. buster posey is getting a huge pay raise. posey was awarded the steepest pay increase today among major league players who opted for salary arbitration this year. the mvp received a 13 fold pay hike to $8 million. he earned $575,000 last year. posey batted 336. he hit 34 home runs all during the giant's 2013 world series championship season. everyone is talking about the bay area snow in just two minutes we'll go back live to our bay area peaks to see just how much snow is sticking to
5:59 pm
the ground. and we'll check with bill martin to see if any more is on the way. >> new at 6:00, he was just walking down the street when he was gunned down for no reason. the impact this grocery store checker is leaving behind tonight.


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